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There are very few times in your life when you have to go to a new dentist. Most of the time it’s only when you become a parent and your child needs an experienced Port Coquitlam dentist, or if you’re unhappy with your current dentist and you’re looking for a new and improved one. Either way, choosing a new dentist is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The first trip to the new dentist like Bow Lane Dental Group will be the moment that you know whether or not you’ve chosen well. What can you expect on your first visit though?

For Adults

dental checkup

First thing is first, your new dentist should know all about your medical and dental history before you even sit in the chair. He might even ask you questions about your medications and previous procedures, if you’ve had any.

Some other things that you can expect to take place are dental X-rays – in this way your new dentist can evaluate your teeth and make sure there aren’t any problems such as signs of decay, bone loss, abscesses, impacted teeth or tooth alignment issues. Because this is your first encounter with this specific dentist, often they will perform a thorough examination of your mouth.

During the examination, they might do the following:

  • Checking for dental diseases such as gum disease and oral cancer
  • Look for signs of potential tooth decay, especially around crown and fillings
  • Perform a TMJ (temporomandibular joint exam) on the soft tissue in your mouth
  • Look for cosmetic dentistry options to improve your smile

All dentists will differ and so will their methods. These are just a few things that could take place and are good to look out for on your first meeting.

For Children

Have you ever come across a child who loves to go to the dentist? I don’t think many people have. However, if you go to the right dentist then your child will be over the moon when it is time for a check-up. It is quite important, taking into account that you would probably be taking them at least twice a year.

Many paediatricians and dentists are in agreement that a child should have their first visit to the dentist on their first birthday. This doesn’t leave the parents with much time to find a suitable dentist for their beloved children. The best route to go when choosing a dentist for your infant is to call up your current dentist’s office and find out how familiar they are with working with infants. If this is a dead end then it would be best to find a paediatric dentist who specialises in the care of infants.

So whether you’ve recently decided to change dentists or you are looking for a new one for your child, keep these points in mind. If you go to your first appointment knowing what to expect then it can seem far less daunting. Although dentists may differ, they all have the same goal. You need to be able to trust your dentist, so take your time and choose wisely.

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