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Encore Dental Clinic in Port Coquitlam makes it easy to request a dental appointment. We accept new patients and offer treatments during the week, on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. Our staff can help you easily schedule an appointment that fits your schedule. Request your appointment now through the form below. Our team will work with you to accommodate your scheduling needs according to your availability. Then, we will schedule you for an oral exam or a professional dental cleaning.

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Why Are Dental Appointments Important?

Regular dental visits are essential because they allow your dentist to conduct oral exams and cleanings.

Book an Oral Exam

A complete oral exam is a diagnostic exam that a dental professional will do to gather all the essential information for your mouth and oral health.

Request a Dental Appointment to Detect Cavities Early

Your dentist needs to examine your teeth to find cavities while they’re still minor. The earlier you catch them, the less expensive cavities are to treat.


Smooth And Painless!

Before my appointment I was nervous because I have had bad dentist experiences in the past with other dentists. This time was different because everyone at Encore made it painless. They are so kind and warm. The procedure went smooth and absolutely painless. The pain was my concern but there was absolutely none. I am so happy and highly recommend them to anyone.

Not scared of the dentist anymore. – Sara

Request A Dental Appointment

Our receptionists are available during office hours to schedule your appointments. It is easy to request an appointment with Encore Dental Clinic. We also value our patients’ time, so we do our best to stay on schedule. We ask that our patients arrive on time for their appointments.

Dental Appointment Cancelations

Please let us know at least two business days in advance if you need to reschedule your appointment. If you fail to show up or don’t give sufficient warning to reschedule, you may be charged a fee. If this occurs on more than one occasion, our office will unfortunately only be able to book you on an emergency basis.