Botox treatment is an affordable cosmetic treatment that reduces frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. As you may know, Botox is a safe and painless procedure with cosmetic dentistry and therapeutic benefits. In most cases, patients feel more energetic and youthful. First, you may be surprised to learn that dentists are the best-qualified healthcare professional to administer Botox (botulinum toxin). However, if you consider that we specialize in the oral and maxillofacial areas, and spend a great deal of time training in the areas of the head, neck and facial regions, then it makes sense. Your dentist has experience injecting cranial nerves in sensitive areas around the head. In other words, you can feel completely comfortable putting your Botox treatment in our capable hands.

Why You Should Consider Botox Treatment

Botox is a purified protein that temporarily relaxes the specific muscles that produce expressive wrinkles. In addition to reducing facial wrinkles, you can use it to relax the muscles controlling your lips. Over just a few days, you will notice the relaxing and smoothing effect. In other words, your wrinkles will diminish significantly or disappear completely! Are you considering a Smile Makeover? Add Botox to your treatment plan!

You may be considering Botox therapy to smooth out frown lines and forehead lines, remove crow’s feet and lift your brows naturally. If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to learn that Botox is an affordable cosmetic treatment. Generally, you can expect the effects of Botox injections can last three to six months. In other words, your muscle action will gradually return, and the wrinkles will begin to reappear. However, your Botox procedure takes only a few minutes and is performed without anesthesia, so you can schedule regular appointments to coincide with your dental cleaning and checkups. Because your treatment is quick and there is only minor discomfort, we’ll have you in and out of the office quickly.

We use only official Botox treatment injections because Botox is the industry leader in wrinkle reduction. In addition to smoothing and improving your skin, Botox treatment will fix gummy smiles, upside-down smiles, lip lines, and chronically puckered chins. If you experience clicking or pain in your jaw, talk to your dentist about therapeutic Botox. Therapeutic Botox can reduce the effects of TMD (temporomandibular disorder).

Key Benefits of BOTOX Treatment

  • You’ll notice reduced wrinkles.
  • We can fix gummy smiles, upside-down smiles, lip lines, and puckered chins
  • You can enjoy a natural eyebrow lift
  • You’ll look younger
  • We’ll help you reduce the effects of TMD 

Is Botox Treatment safe for me?

Yes! Our doctors have been trained on how to safely and effectively utilize Botox.

Will Insurance Cover my Treatment?

Your insurance plan will not cover Botox Cosmetic. Your insurance company may cover Botox Therapeutic, but it is best to contact your insurance provider for full details.

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