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Are you scared of the dentist’s office? Do you avoid the dentist but still want perfectly straight white teeth? Do you want to maintain a healthy mouth and a healthy body? If you answered yes to any of those questions, the solution may not be as hard as you think! Regular trips to the dentist’s office are fast, easy, painless, and stress-free. They keep your teeth nice and clean, your breath is fresh, and your body healthy. So what really happens at an average trip to the local Port Coquitlam dentist for a regular check-up and cleaning? It’s really not as scary as you think and it can do so much more than meets the eye.

What does a dental cleaning include?

What To Expect Dental Cleaning

In addition to at-home brushing and flossing, it’s important that you see your dentist at least once every six months. However, based on your medical history or risk of oral problems, your medical professional may recommend that you visit the dentist more frequently. Dental check-ups/cleanings remove plaque and built-up tartar that you can’t remove by yourself.

Every dentist likes to do things a little differently but typically a check-up/cleaning appointment should go somewhat along the lines of the following:

  1. Cleaning and polishing: The dental hygienist will use both manual scalers and ultrasonic scalers to remove plaque and built-up tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. Your teeth will then be polished with either a rotating rubber cup or brush to remove any remaining plaque or stains.
  2. Flossing: Your dental hygienist will then use dental floss to clean in between your teeth, removing any excess plaque and tartar.
  3. Fluoride treatment: Many dentists like to use fluoride to strengthen your teeth. Fluoride is administered either in plastic trays that are fitted around your teeth or by a rinse that you gargle and spit out similar to mouthwash.
  4. Education: After the cleaning, your hygienist and/or dentist will discuss with you any of the oral problems they encountered and how to brush/floss more effectively. Tips for maintaining a healthier mouth are often given at this time.
  5. Examination: Both your dentist and hygienist will examine your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth for any damage or signs of potential problems. During this examination, they may use a special instrument, or probe to measure the “pockets” between your teeth and gums. If you have any visible problems, your dentist will discuss your treatment options with you.
  6. X-rays: Some of your dental visits may include x-rays to continually keep track of your mouth’s progress. X-rays are also useful in discovering cavities, and gum disease.

What are the benefits of a regular check-up/cleaning appointment?

Regular check-ups and cleanings do more than just keep your teeth nice and white. Visiting the dentist regularly ensures that you have the best chance at keeping your mouth and body the healthiest it can be. Preventing cavities, tracking tooth movement, and discovering oral cancer before it happens are all things that regular dental visits can help you accomplish. If you haven’t been to your dentist for a while, it might be time to pick up the phone and schedule your next appointment!

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