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The Causes of Cracked Teeth During A Pandemic

We have seen a surge in patients with cracked or damaged teeth throughout the pandemic. The good news is that dentists across Canada have ruled out the possibility that the coronavirus causes cracked teeth. There is a long list of reasons you may have broken teeth. Our team has lots of experience treating cracked teeth and educating our patients on the causes and how to prevent cracked teeth.

How Did I Crack A Tooth?

The cracked tooth is most likely related to a combination of factors like stress, lack of sleep, neglected oral care, and inadequate nutrition, leading to a decline in oral health. As a side note, previous dental work can make teeth more prone to fracture or break. Silly accidents like chewing popcorn seeds may crack teeth. We know for sure that a decline in oral care will eventually lead to tooth decay. Tooth decay leads to cavities. Cavities can weaken the teeth and predispose you to a chipped tooth. You may have also developed Bruxism.


Day-bruxism is the unconscious grinding of teeth when you are awake. Sleep-bruxism is the grinding or clenching of teeth during sleep. If you are experiencing bruxism, don’t feel alone. The Canadian Dental Association reports an increase in COVID-19-induced nightmares and pandemic-related anxiety-causing clenching and grinding. There are ways to help prevent teeth grinding.

Teeth Grinding & Posture

Lousy posture during the day can turn into a grinding problem at night. Many people do not have an ergonomically correct workspace set-up. They find themselves working in awkward body positions, which cause them to hunch their shoulders forward, curving the spine into a C-shape. In combination with the forward head position, the C-shape actually places the jaw’s condyles deeper into their sockets. The nerves in your neck and shoulder muscles lead into the temporomandibular joint, connecting the jawbone to the skull. The incorrect position of bones and muscles can put unnecessary pressure on nerves and cause you to grind your teeth.

Treating Cracked Teeth

Treatment will depend on where the tooth structurally broke. The first steps are to take an X-ray, conduct a visual inspection, and use a tool to probe all tooth surfaces.

About The Structure of A Tooth

  • The visible part of the tooth is the crown.
  • The tooth is anchored to the jaw bone by the root.
  • Enamel covers the crown.
  • Dentin lies underneath the enamel.
  • At the core is a hollow chamber called the pulp, where the nerve and blood vessels are.

The most common treatment for a cracked tooth by severity:

  • The least severe cracked tooth will require a dental crown to cover and restore the damage.
  • A medium-grade crack has extended a little deeper into the tooth; we will often treat it by performing a root canal procedure, then placing a crown on the tooth to restore aesthetics and functionality.
  • The most severe type of crack has extended deep into the tooth and will require a tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is the most extreme situation, and we will always try our best to keep your natural teeth and repair the damage if possible. If an extraction is the best treatment plan, a dental implant is used to replace your original tooth.

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