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About Dental Teeth Cleanings

For most, a dental teeth cleaning is simple and painless, and the more you understand what happens, the more comfortable you are. Sure, people are a little nervous about visiting the dentist, and, to a large extent, this applies to a dental hygienist visit as well. We hope that by explaining more about dental teeth cleanings, the more comfortable, you will be.

Teeth cleaning is normally performed by a dental hygienist but can also be performed by a dentist. A regular dental teeth cleaning allows the dental professional to do a detailed inspection of your mouth. This will assist in identifying any potential problems before they become full-blown dental emergencies.

The Art of Teeth Cleaning!

Teeth cleaning at Encore Dental Clinic is an art, a meticulous process designed to bring out the best in your smile. Here’s a step-by-step insight into our procedure:


We ensure all necessary supplies are ready, from dental mirrors to scalers and more.
Our patients can rest assured as we maintain a well-equipped setup for a seamless experience.

Thorough Examination:

We begin with a comprehensive physical exam, assessing your dental health to tailor our approach.

  • Plaque and Tartar Removal: Our skilled professionals delicately eliminate plaque and tartar, laying the foundation for a pristine smile.
  • Professional-Grade Toothpaste Application: We apply top-notch toothpaste for effective cleaning, prioritizing your oral well-being.
  • Flossing Excellence: Precision is our mantra as we navigate through flossing, ensuring every nook and cranny is attended to.
  • Mouthwash Rinse: Patients receive a small cup of mouthwash for a refreshing rinse, adding the perfect finishing touch.
  • Fluoride Treatment: We provide a fluoride treatment, an extra layer of defense against potential dental issues.


  • Expect a healing period of five to seven days post a deep cleaning.
  • Minimal bleeding, slight swelling, and increased tooth sensitivity may occur.
  • Follow our post-procedure care instructions for optimal recovery.

Essential Dental Cleaning Equipment:

Our arsenal includes dental mirrors, scalers, perio probes, curettes, polishers, saliva ejectors, ultrasonic scalers, digital X-rays, and intraoral cameras.
At Encore Dental, our commitment to your comfort and care defines our approach to teeth cleaning. Trust us for a personalized, expert-led experience on your journey to superior oral health.

The Dental Cleaning Steps:

Initial Inspection

Using a small mirror, the dental hygienist will examine your mouth for signs of gum disease (gingivitis) or cavities. If there aren’t any major concerns, the hygienist will proceed with the cleaning. Next, dental x-rays might be taken to examine the underlying dental structure.

Tartar and Plaque Removal

The hygienist employs a scaler to meticulously eliminate all plaque and tartar present in your mouth. Plaque, a bacterial buildup, transforms into a sticky film adhering to your teeth. If left unattended, it solidifies into tartar, posing greater removal challenges. Experience a scraping sound and sensation during the scaler’s use—a swift and painless procedure ensuring optimal oral hygiene.


An electric toothbrush, combined with specialized gritty toothpaste, facilitates an extensive and deep cleaning process. The toothpaste grit not only cleans but also polishes your teeth. While this phase involves significant noise from the electric brush, it’s important to note that the procedure is entirely painless, even though the noise may be disconcerting for some individuals.

Final Flossing and Fluoride Treatment

Following thorough flossing to eliminate any remaining tartar, the hygienist proceeds with a fluoride treatment. A custom-fitted mouthpiece is utilized to apply fluoride foam or gel, left in place for at least a minute. After removing the mouthpiece, you’ll rinse to eliminate excess fluoride and debris from the cleaning process.

For optimal oral health, it’s highly advisable to undergo a deep clean at least once a year. However, a biannual deep clean is recommended to proactively address emerging issues and uphold the radiant, healthy appearance of your teeth.

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