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What happens when plaque becomes tarter? It can take only 48 hours for plaque to become tartar, putting your teeth and gums at risk of dental decay. That is why it is essential to brush your teeth twice daily. In addition, flossing your teeth once per day helps the plaque from forming between your teeth.

What is Tartar?

Tartar is the hard calcified deposits that form and coat your teeth and gums. Tartar forms when the bacteria in your mouth mixes with remnants of food particles, creating a sticky film known as plaque. When plaque is left untreated, it hardens and discolors, forming tartar.

What is Dental Plaque?

Dental plaque is a sticky biofilm that forms on your teeth due to bacteria mixing with carbohydrate residue. For example, when you drink a soft drink or eat a piece of cake, the sugar and starches will stick to your teeth. The naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth will feed on these food remnants, creating an acid, leading to dental erosion.

Dental Facts:
Bacteria in your mouth break down the carbohydrates found on your teeth, releasing lactic acid, butyric acid, and aspartic acid.

What is Dental Erosion?

When plaque becomes tartar, dental erosion can occur. Dental erosion is the deterioration of the surface of your teeth due to acids you eat or drink or acids coming up from your stomach. These acids can dissolve the crystals that make up your teeth, leading to tooth surface loss. However, these acids can also soften the tooth surface, making it easier to wear away by abrasion or tooth grinding. Therefore, it’s important to develop habits that prevent acid attacks.

Ways to prevent daily acid attacks on tooth enamel

With a dedication to oral health, you can prevent plaque build-up, protect your enamel and prevent cavities. But, remember, all sugars can cause decay.

Here are a few tips:

  • To reduce the number of acid attacks on your teeth, you should have acidic food and drinks, just at mealtimes.
  • You can cancel out acid build-up by finishing a meal with cheese or milk.
  • To help produce more saliva and help cancel out the acids which form in your mouth after eating, you can chew gum.
  • Wait for at least one hour after eating or drinking anything acidic before brushing your teeth. This habit will give your teeth time to build up their mineral content again.
  • Brush your teeth before sleeping; the fluoride that lingers in your mouth will sustain the saliva level in your mouth, limiting any damage caused due to the bacteria. Spit out after brushing and do not rinse so that the fluoride stays on your teeth longer.

How to remove tartar

Plaque and tartar are usually removed together by using manual scaling tools or an ultrasonic device. Most dentists use a hand-held metal scaler to scrape away the tartar from the teeth, both above the gum line and below it. In the case of a heavy build-up of tartar in the gums’ pockets, a laser is used to destroy the bacteria to reduce the risks of an infection.

Oral Health Tip:
Brushing and flossing stop plaque build-up and help prevent tartar from developing. However, once you have tartar, you can only have it removed at your dentist’s office.

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