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The human body is an amazing thing, and one of the important elements of it is the mouth. It’s the entrance to the rest of your body, and is how we hydrate and energize ourselves. Our dentists at Encore Dental do a great job of letting people know how to care for them, but there’s a whole lot more to learn. Check out some of these lesser known tidbits about oral hygiene and just what’s going on in your mouth.

10 Fun Facts About Your Teeth

teeth tips from Encore Dental dentists

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Lesser Known Facts About Mouths

That’s a Lot of Teeth: Many critters on the planet have a mouth full of teeth, and that includes some of the smallest, slimiest creatures, too. Snails, while having a mouth the size of pinhead, can have over 25,000 teeth depending on the species. They don’t use their teeth so much to chew, but they do use it to scrape and cut food. The teeth are arranged in dozens of rows, each typically having 100 teeth per row. Imagine the oral hygiene needed to maintain that many teeth!

One of a Kind: You’ve heard of fingerprints, but tooth prints? Just like their finger counterparts, teeth have their own unique prints that are yours and yours alone. This means teeth can serve as an identifying an individual. They are so unique that even identical twins have unique prints. Dental prints can be used in recovering and identifying lost children, and many dental offices offer services to take these impressions.

That’s a K-O: Be careful of your pearly whites when you’re engaging in horseplay or anything that could result in a tooth being knocked out. It takes only 15 minutes for a tooth to start dying after it is knocked out of the jaw. That’s why it is important to act quickly if you have a tooth knocked out. If possible, rinse the tooth with cold, clean, water and insert back in the socket. If you are unable to insert it back into place, put it in milk or your own saliva to keep it from drying out, which will help the cells live longer, and hurry to the dentist.

Drool Pool: A healthy mouth produces enough saliva to fill two swimming pools over the course of your life. That’s 25,000 quarts, which is a lot of mouth watering meals and a lot of drool. But just what is the purpose of saliva, anyway? Produced by the salivary glands, saliva serves as a lubrication to help food pass from the mouth into the esophagus. Not only is it lubrication, but it has an enzyme in it called amylase that helps break down starches during digestion. Essentially, saliva is the starting point of the digestive system.

The Happier Sex: Women and men smile plenty during the day, but women smile nearly 8 times as often as men. Women average 62 times per day, while men average 8 times per day. This varies in different regions and different social settings, and the disparity is often shown the most in the teenaged age group.  Either way, as long as people are happy and healthy then keep on flashing those smiles.

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