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A dental hygienist is an important part of most dental practices, and visiting the dental hygienist should be an important part of your healthcare program. Discover what a dental hygienist can do for you. We’re ready to bet you’ll be surprised at some of the benefits.

Get your teeth cleaned!

dental cleaning

This is the most obvious reason to visit an oral hygienist. And it’s great to know that when you stand up from the chair your teeth will be buffed and polished to perfection. Smile! You are going to look great!

Don’t let gum disease get you down

Gum disease is very sneaky. Even if you take good care of your teeth, hardened plaque (called tartar) builds up on hard-to-reach surfaces. This can extend beyond the gum line, leading to painful gum disease, bleeding gums, loose teeth and even damage to the jawbone. A dental hygienist can not only treat gum disease, but can prevent it from happening in the first place.

Breathe sweetly

Breathing deeply is all very well, but if you have bad breath, breathing near anyone whatsoever is embarrassing as you watch them recoil and then either comment or try to cover up their reaction. Bacteria growing below the gum line could be the cause, and a dental hygienist can clear it away.

Early detection of oral cancer

Oral hygienists are qualified to look out for the early signs of possible oral cancer. Remember, the earlier it’s caught, the more likely you are to recover with only minimal treatment intervention.

Stay healthy all over

Did you know that good oral hygiene can prevent heart disease, diabetes and respiratory tract illnesses? Researchers have found clear links between poor dental hygiene and these illnesses.

Spotting tooth decay and other issues

You may have decided that all you want is to have your teeth cleaned, but while your dental hygienist is busy, he or she might spot the beginnings of dental problems you didn’t know you had. That means you could even be saved extensive dental work that would have resulted if the problems were given time to develop.

Teach your kids to brush and floss properly (and get a reminder yourself)

Giving you the best advice on how to take care of your teeth is part of a dental hygienist’s job and training. Most adults do not brush their teeth properly, so getting a reminder of how it should be done is helpful. As for teaching your kids, a dental hygienist will have the visual aids that will help kids to get a clear understanding of what they should be doing when brushing their teeth.

Tooth whitening and fluoride treatments

In some dental practices, the dental hygienist does tooth whitening or tooth bleaching treatments. He or she will also help with fluoride treatments that keep teeth strong, and this is especially important for children.

You have more reasons to see an oral hygienist than you have reasons not to!

With all these excellent reasons to see a dental hygienist, and knowing that the treatments are non-invasive and usually completely painless, you certainly have no real reason to avoid a visit every six months to keep yourself healthy and happy with a sparkling smile.

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