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Why is replacing a pulled tooth so important?

Replacing a pulled tooth is important for many reasons, including preventing the surrounding teeth from drifting. Also, if you don’t replace a tooth, the bone that supports your teeth will begin to lose volume, jeopardizing healthy teeth and changing the shape of your face. Overall, the teeth and the jaw play an essential role in helping us eat, speak and maintain our self-confidence. To protect your smile, make sure to schedule an oral examination.

Why are teeth pulled?

The most common reason for pulling or extracting a tooth is to remove teeth that can not be restored due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or dental trauma. Tooth extractions are performed quickly while the individual is awake, using a local anesthetic injection to eliminate pain. Do you need a tooth pulled?

Why does a tooth need to be pulled?

  • The damaged or decayed tooth cannot be repaired.
  • There is an infection, which may lead to the risk of disease or tooth decay.
  • A healthy tooth needs to be removed to prepare for orthodontic care.

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What Happens If You Don’t Replace a Pulled Tooth?

Not only does a missing tooth leave behind a space in your jaw, but it also affects the healthy teeth around it. If you don’t replace it promptly, its absence may lead to bone loss and compromise your ability to chew and speak.

Missing tooth and gum disease

As your teeth lose contact with their neighbor, small spaces and pockets become receptacles for gathering plaque and food. Plaque build-up can lead to cavities, gum and bone damage, and gum disease. You can read this article and learn about the importance of early cavity detection. 

Missing tooth and bone loss

The jawbone is preserved through the pressure and stimulus of chewing. The bone loss occurs in the bone surrounding the space because there is no longer a need for bone, and it resorbs.

Missing tooth and chewing issues

Losing a tooth usually means you start compensating for this loss by overusing other healthy teeth. For example, using smaller teeth to do a job meant for more prominent teeth creates discomfort, and nutritional deficiencies arise.

Missing tooth and speaking issues

Your teeth and tongue work together to articulate sounds. Sounds are formed by pressing the tongue to the roof of your mouth and against your teeth. A gap will alter your speech.

Missing tooth and quality of life

The joy of laughing, smiling, and communicating with each other are all aspects of a happy life. Unfortunately, a missing tooth will lead to jawbone loss, often followed by noticeable changes on your face.

Missing tooth and health issues

Missing teeth that have not been replaced promptly can lead to health problems such as poor nutrition, obesity, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and even some types of cancer.

4 Ways To Replace A Pulled Tooth

Losing a permanent tooth in adulthood can be traumatic, but it can be even more so if you don’t act fast and find a suitable replacement. Specialists now rely on a couple of techniques for replacing missing teeth.

Removable partial denture

Typically recommended to dental patients who are missing their front teeth, a removable partial denture serves as a replacement only during the day and can cause discomfort while talking and eating. Your dentist will explain that you must remove it at night and soak it in a cleaning solution.

Temporary denture

A temporary denture is used for a short time while permanent partial dentures are being made. To clarify, temporary dentures are removable replacement teeth attached to a frame made of metal or plastic.

Dental Bridge

Unlike a removable partial or temporary denture, a bridge remains permanently cemented in your jaw. This is the best solution when there are healthy teeth on both sides of an empty area. However, installing a bridge often requires an invasive procedure in which healthy teeth may get cut.

Dental implant

A dental implant feels and looks like the most natural substitution for a missing tooth. However, this method includes the replacement of the root and requires a few months to heal.

Schedule an Oral Examination

Replacing a pulled tooth or a missing tooth is important, so let us know if you need to schedule an oral examination. At this time we are accepting new dental patients in Port Coquitlam.

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