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Whether you’ve recently had your wisdom teeth extracted or erupting through your gums, wisdom teeth pain can be unpleasant at best and debilitating. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the discomfort. Under the direction of your dentist, you can reduce pain by being choosy about what you eat. Additionally, you can use all-natural remedies to numb the nerve receptors in your gums and teeth and keep the area clean, so it can heal quickly and efficiently.

Reasons Patients Might Have Wisdom Teeth Pain

Between the ages of 17 and 25, young adults’ wisdom teeth begin to erupt from the jawbone through the gum line. While not everyone needs to have, their wisdom teeth extracted surgically, almost everyone experiences discomfort during this process. When wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they break through the gums. Patients who do not need extraction might notice some sensitivity, pain, and bloody saliva as the teeth push through. Commonly, patients don’t have enough room in their mouths for their wisdom teeth and need them extracted. Impacted teeth (wisdom teeth not erupting properly) can cause serious discomfort under the gums and pressure against your other molars. Lastly, patients may experience pain after they get their wisdom teeth extracted. Regardless of the reason, here’s what you can do to alleviate wisdom teeth pain.

The Do’s & Don’t of Food & Drink

The same rules apply when you’re in the recovery phase of wisdom teeth removal or experiencing wisdom teeth pain. In other words, your gums need to heal whether you’ve kept your wisdom teeth.

Start With Liquids

Your recovery from wisdom teeth pain needs to include a full array of nutrients. You can get nutrients with liquids via:

  • Making nutrient-rich juice
  • Adding protein and greens to a smoothie
  • Eating broth soup
  • Pureeing your food

A cold smoothie or warm broth may add additional pain relief, too.

Work Up to Soft Solids

When you can tolerate it and under the direction of your dentist or oral surgeon, you can begin to enjoy more solids. Try:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Oatmeal
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Diced meats and soft veggies

Food & Drinks To Avoid

If you’re experiencing wisdom teeth pain, the foods below will only make it worse. Avoid:

  • Acidic foods like fruit, tomatoes, spicy peppers
  • Acidic and sugary drinks like coffee, orange juice, and carbonated soda
  • Hard foods like nuts, popcorn, and crackers
  • Hard-to-chew candies like taffy, gummies, and mints

More Ways To Soothe Wisdom Teeth Pain

Fortunately, there’s even more, you can do to relieve wisdom teeth pain. Try these natural applications that are safe and effective under the care of your dentist.

Warm Salt Water Rinse

Salt is naturally antibacterial. Swish a mixture of warm water and dissolved table salt in your mouth for 10-20 seconds to kill harmful bacteria and help your gums heal effectively. This will help prevent cysts or abscesses from growing in your gums.

Add A Bit of Spice

Want to spice up the healing process? You may be suffering from pain caused by inflamed gums. To help reduce the swelling, try boiling 5 grams of turmeric and two whole cloves in water and let it cool. Turmeric and cloves are both natural analgesics and anti-inflammatory spices. Swish this mixture around in your mouth to receive the benefits.

Get Hot & Cold

Alternate between a warm compress and an ice pack on your cheek. The warmth will soothe your pain and increase blood flow to the affected area, aiding in healing. The cold will help reduce painful inflammation and numb your nerves.

Liquor Is Quicker… For Wisdom Teeth Pain

You may have heard old-timers talk about soothing their infants with a bit of bourbon. While it may seem like questionable parenting, it’s no old wives’ tale. Bourbon, whiskey, brandy, and other strong liquors can be rubbed on your gums as your wisdom teeth break through to numb the nerves in your gums. On top of that, they are also antibacterial.

A Final Word On Wisdom Teeth Pain

If you’re experiencing extreme pain, excessive bleeding, or a hot sensation, contact Encore Dental clinic as soon as possible. These symptoms could be indicative of infection or complication. The process of erupting wisdom teeth typically takes no longer than three months. Also, while every extraction is different, you should notice a reduction in pain within a week or two if you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed. The best action for oral hygiene is always to brush twice daily and floss once daily. Excellent oral hygiene is the key to successful healing and reduced wisdom teeth pain in the future.

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