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Periodontal treatment, also known as periodontal  (gum) treatment, is the professional dental cleaning of your teeth and gums to help control the bacteria that cause gum disease. Gum disease, if left untreated, can destroy the gum and bone which support your teeth. Be sure to schedule your dental cleaning if it has been more than a year since—your last dental visit.

What is a Periodontal Treatment?

A periodontal treatment includes surgical and non-surgical techniques to restore health to the gums and bones that support your teeth. The goal is to prevent tooth loss. Some of the methods include scaling and root planing. These non-surgical deep-cleaning techniques are the best starting points to control gum disease. Plaque and calculus (tartar) are removed from beneath the gum tissues using hand scalers and ultrasonic instruments.

Teeth Scaling and Root Planing

Teeth scaling:

Scaling is the removal of plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces. At Encore dental, we combine both manual and electric scaling to achieve the best results for you.

One type of electric scaling is ultrasonic scaling, which uses a machine called a cavitron which creates sound waves that remove tartar. Hand scaling is still required because even the ultrasonic scaler can only deduct 50% of the total tartar buildup.

Your dentist will recommend a follow-up appointment to make sure there aren’t any complications or infections.

Root planing

Root planing s the cleaning of the gum pockets to stop further gum problems. Root planing treats moderate to advanced gum diseases. When the gum is inflamed, gum pockets become deeper, and they lose bone connection. The deeper these pockets become, the easier it is to trap plaque deposits and worsen the gum. Sometimes local anesthesia is needed to prevent any feeling of pain.

Important Dental Appointment Tip:

About Dental Cleanings: A dental cleaning is performed by professional dentists or dental hygienists exclusively. Routine dental cleaning should include scaling root planing and polishing.

Tooth Polishing

The final step is tooth polish which will leave your tooth enamel smooth and glossy. There are two kinds of polishers; the prophy jet polisher and the rubber tip polisher with prophy paste.

Prophy Jet:
Prophy jet polishing works by spraying high pressured water mixed with baking soda paste onto the surface of your teeth. This powered water can wash away the residue and plaque while the baking soda removes the brown and yellow stains and neutralizes the acidic conditions in your mouth.

Rubber Cup:
Rubber cup polishing employs a low-speed handpiece with a rubber cup tip mounted on the top containing a polishing paste made of abrasive ingredients ideal for removing stains.

Benefits of a Tooth Polish

Tooth polishing also eliminates bacteria from the surface of your teeth. Tooth polishing is both cosmetic and healthy. A polish certainly improves the look of your teeth, it also removes unwanted plaque and biofilm, to create healthy gums.

When Scheduling A Dental Appointment:

Remember, the amount of time needed for dental cleanings depends on the amount of tartar and plaque,  complications from dental restorations, and your oral health. People with more tartar and plaque buildup need longer dental appointments than those who have relatively cleaner teeth.

Remember, schedule a dental cleaning for every six months to prevent excessive plaque buildup. If you have deep gum pockets, then schedule a cleaning for every three months. Lack of cleaning allows the growth of plaque, which can lead to the various types of conditions involved in tooth decay if left unchecked.

COVID Policies:

At Encore Dental, we probably have the highest standards of sterilization and cleanliness of any business, office, or clinic. We recommend that you maintain your regular brushing and flossing regimen.  We also recommend that you continue to make healthy diet choices and book your appointment so we can help you maintain good oral health and reduce decay.

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