In Dental Emergencies

The chances of a dental emergency are higher than you would suspect. Think of your average child playing a sport – how many times have you heard of them chipping a tooth or hurting their mouth in one way or another? This is a common problem not only amongst children, but with adults too. In any emergency most people resort to panic, but this never solves anything. It is always good to be prepared for an emergency – especially a dental emergency.

When a More Than a Mouth Guard Was Needed

Obviously, wearing a mouth guard for protection will help prevent a dental emergency. However, there will be accidents in which a mouth guard cannot stop.

If You Knock Out a Tooth

This is not an uncommon problem nowadays. But you need not fear, because with dental advancements today dental implants make your teeth look as good as new. If the idea of having an implant sends you off the roof, then keep in mind that there is a way to save your own tooth. Handle the tooth with care – ensuring that you don’t touch the root it. Insert the loose tooth back into its socket THE RIGHT WAY – mirror the opposite tooth. Once you’ve done that, call your dentist at Encore Dental for an emergency appointment.

Broken, Cracked or Chipped a Tooth

The severity of the crack or chip will determine the degree of dental assistance needed. You could require a crown, a filling or even an implant if it is very serious. Make sure not to panic. Because there is usually minimal pain, you don’t need help right away. In fact, the dentist will probably book you in for a consultation and then see from there what needs to be done. Just make sure to go to the dentist if this does happen.

Unusual Problems

Maybe not that uncommon but these problems will probably leave you feeling worried because they don’t happen every day.

Swollen Face

These are usually very serious because without the help from a dentist they will not get better on their own. It is most likely an infection in your mouth – it could be in a tooth, the gum or even a bone. These infections can be fatal, so make sure you see the dentist as soon as possible. Don’t lie down and avoid dehydration – so drink lots of water.

Bleeding Mouth

The mouth is very good at the prevention of bleeding – unless you bite your tongue – so make sure to consult your dentist right away. It could be a variety of things – gum disease, gingivitis, or even cancer. If you are bleeding after a surgery or procedure, go straight back to the dentist! If you cannot see him straight away, ensure your head is elevated at all times.

Problems will arise, that is life. But if we are all better prepared then we can help ourselves and those around us. Bring it on, dental emergencies – we now know what to do!

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