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A dental emergency can be a scary time. We aim to help you recover and restore your teeth. Dental emergencies range in severity and potential risks, but with our advanced techniques and equipment, we will have you smiling again in no time!

Emergency Dentist Visits: Common Reasons

Lost or Broken Filling: A fractured or dislodged filling that is broken or lost can cause discomfort and/or sharp pain because of jagged edges. These edges can cut the tongue and other areas of the mouth. The loss of a filling can also cause irritation to the side of the cheek and may even lead to an ulcer. The sharp edges can easily be eliminated by levelling the filling or tooth edges at an emergency appointment.

Crack, fracture, and mobility: Crack, fracture, and the mobility of a tooth are all related. The symptoms of a tooth that has been cracked are very similar to those of a tooth that has been fractured. A tooth crack is characterized by an incomplete fracture of enamel or dentine and is not usually connected with mobility. Common symptoms include: cold sensitivity and sharp pain while chewing. The teeth most vulnerable to cracking are the lower molars.

Broken Crown: Crowns can become broken for a numerous reasons including: fracture, non-retentive preparation, secondary caries, weak cement, excessive occlusal force, decementation, or loosening of the crown. Ingestion and inhalation are both risks of a loose or broken crown. We recommend that you seek immediate dental assistance if your crown has broken.

Broken or Loose Implants: Although the success rate of implants is extremely high, sometimes they may become loose or may break completely. Implant failure is largely attributed to infection. Failures may also be due to moderate or severe bone loss. We recommend that you seek immediate dental care if your implant become loose or has broken.

Oral Swelling: Swelling may be a symptom of an oral infection. If an infection is present, the affected area will appear red, tender, and warm to the touch.

Abscessed Tooth: Abscesses are infections that occur around the root of a tooth or in the “pockets” between the teeth and gums. If an abscess is present, a localized pus formation is usually visible at the root end of the tooth Redness and swelling are also often visible. If the condition is acute, we may prescribe antibiotics in order to eliminate the infection before performing root canal therapy.

Knocked Out Tooth: Control the bleeding with direct pressure to the affected area with a cold compress. If recovery of the tooth is possible, be careful to not touch the root end of the tooth. It is possible to re-plant the tooth within 30 minutes of being knocked out. Transport it by either placing it gently back into the socket or in a glass of cold milk or wrapped in a cold, wet cloth. Visit our emergency dentist in Port Coquitlam right away.

Extruded Tooth: An extruded tooth is defined as a tooth that has been forced out of its original position. Do not try to force the tooth either forward or backward into its original position. Seek our assistance right away.

Soft-Tissue Injuries: Soft-tissue injuries include injury to the: tongue, cheeks, gums, and lips. Bleeding can ensue. Try to control the bleeding using a salt-water rinse, cold compress, or moistened gauze. If the bleeding does not stop, seek our assistance immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my problem is a dental emergency?

If you are wondering whether your problem is a dental emergency or not, just call our office!

How soon can I get into the office?

We generally allow emergency patients to come into the office right away during normal office hours. This ensures that you will be seen as soon as possible.

Will my treatment be covered under my insurance?

The majority of insurance companies cover most of our services. For a more detailed estimate of your coverage, please contact your service provider. Feel free to call us anytime at 604-464-4131  for more information regarding insurance coverage.

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