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Cosmetic dentistry procedures are sometimes called “smile makeovers” because that’s exactly why people go to dentists to fix the appearance of unsightly teeth. Not feeling confident when you smile or laugh puts a serious damper on your enjoyment of social occasions, and you may even feel shy about smiling in the presence of family members who see you every day.

What troubles you about your teeth? Whatever it is, we’re willing to bet that one or more of these cosmetic dentistry procedures will leave you feeling confident and ready to greet the world with a smile:

Teeth Whitening

Stained or discoloured teeth could be fixed in just one dental visit if your problem can be solved through teeth whitening procedures. Even if it can’t, your dentist can recommend an alternative, such as dental veneers. Either way, your problem is easily solved.

Composite bonding

Chipped a front tooth? Don’t stress out! There’s very little drilling needed to prepare your tooth, and the composite is carefully matched to your natural tooth colour, so the resulting repair will be invisible!

Dental veneers

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or composite material that is bonded onto the teeth to hide problems that might be embarrassing you. If you have crooked teeth, teeth that are permanently discoloured, or damaged teeth, veneers can cover up the less than perfect areas.


If a tooth is severely damaged, but still has enough of its natural structure to support a crown, you can get a “new” tooth by getting a crown. It looks just like a natural tooth, so nobody will ever notice you have one.


Just as a bridge covers a “gap” in the landscape, dental bridgework can cover gaps in your teeth after you have lost one. A new tooth is attached to healthy, adjoining teeth, and your mouth looks as good as new.


Need a new tooth? Nowadays, teeth implanted into a socket set into the bone provide a permanent solution. You’re saved from having to flash a gappy smile, and you don’t have to wear dentures. What could be better?

Inlays and onlays

These are something between a crown and a filling. They cost less than crowns, but they are much stronger and look more natural than fillings.

Invisible aligners

Even if you are already and adult, crooked teeth can be straightened, but even though braces have advanced a lot and are relatively unobtrusive these days, they’re not invisible. Guess what? You can now get all-but invisible aligners that fit onto your teeth but can be removed at times. Your teeth get straightened over time without having to get braces.

Gum surgery

If your gums are uneven, they can make your teeth look uneven too. Dentists can reshape the gums to overcome the problem.

Tooth reshaping

Perhaps the surface of your teeth is rough, or one of your front teeth is bigger than the other. Consider asking your dentist about having your tooth reshaped.

Discuss your concerns

You might be unsure about what needs to be done to improve the look of your teeth, but you will be very sure about whatever it is that makes you feel uncomfortable about showing your teeth. Next time you go for a checkup (or even sooner) ask your dentist what can be done to correct the issues that sap your confidence. The solution may be much simpler than you ever expected.

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